Tarina Tarantino Make-Up Tutorial

The jewelry we received for our pin up fashion editorial in the Winter 2012 issue was exquisite and we instantly fell in love! Here is a few of those fashion editorial images and a tutorial from Tarina herself introducing her Sephora line and showing you how to best apply it. We hope you enjoy!


TARINA TARANTINO was founded in 1995 by Tarina Tarantino and Alfonso Campos. The 1990’s were the height of minimalism in the fashion world. Accessories were almost non existent in the pages of fashion magazines and stores. Our colorful and inventive designs were a breath of fresh air for customers that were tired of blending into the fashion landscape. Girls looking for ways to personalize their own style finally had a choice. We wanted to bring accessories made with the highest quality materials infused with color, sparkle, and unique design into the marketplace. And we believe that there should not be any rules when it comes to creating your own personal style. Tarina’s collections had an immediate appeal to girls of ALL ages. It all began with beads, crystals, sandpaper, inspiration and tons of determination from our one bedroom apartment in West Hollywood. In the beginning we did everything ourselves; design, sales, production, shipping and PR. Eventually we hired some help and the business continued to grow. When our apartment could no longer accommodate our little company (the bedroom was the stockroom and we had to climb over stacks of boxes to get to the kitchen) we found a charming studio space in West Hollywood and made it official. We painted the walls with pearlescent colors inspired by one of our favorite films “The Umbrellas of Cherebourg”. The studio was soon frequented by celebrities, stylists and fashion editors wanting to get their sparkling fix. Tarina would often be asked to create last minute pieces for stars to wear to their latest red carpet event.

–excerpt from www.TarinaTarantino.com


IMG_9961 IMG_0072 IMG_0559

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