Double Trouble: Burlesque + Pin Up

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Burlesque babes and pin-up pretties both display the same appreciation for vintage glamour and confidence. Some people get these two styles confused, because they are closely related, and sometimes draw from the same inspiration. is one of the best burlesque clothing stores around, and they draw their inspiration from the glamorous Elizabeth Taylor, who according to many, was the true violet eyed vixen. But, on their site, they also offer a wide selection of pin-up inspired corsets and accessories. For example, the turquoise polka dot corset is a huge hit with their pin-up followers.  Pair this with some cherry red lips and peep toe pumps for a retro styled look.

If turquoise isn’t your color, check out their lovely polka dot lace corset. This girl next door design is flattering on any figure and can be dressed up or down.