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We Promote Your Business to Over 200,000 Social Media Followers.
We Get Your Brand in Front of a Difficult Target Market, The Counter Culture.
We Produce the Highest Quality Print & Digital Issues.
We Have a Network of High Traffic Websites to Display Your Banner Ads and Website Links.
Need Ideas? We can Help You Find Ways to Promote Your Business!
The Pin Up Magazine offers many different programs for our advertising partners. Our goal is to help you build your business and reach a very hard target market, the counter-culture. Our readers and social media followers reach well over 200,000 individuals who are ready to know more about your aspiring or established business.Many of your customers want “Household” names when it comes to the “Go-To” companies they shop with regularly. Statistics show that more than 40%  of clients who use The Pin Up Mag as an advertising source have gained repeat, consistent customers and increased overall profits. 
On the pages of The Pin Up, your ads are published in both our print magazine as well as our digital editions, meaning your ad is seen by more people who are potential customers. These customers have direct access to your business through a live link, with the click of a button putting them on your website shopping and spending money right away! When spending less on up front advertising cost, you can expose your brand and dramatically increase your profit. Isn’t that what you want? 

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